The People’s Labour Project is a cross-Canada group of labour organizers, workers, and supporters. We’re dedicated to helping workers build the confidence and the skills to win demands against bad bosses and out-of-touch employers. We want a world where every job allows a good life — and no job exploits us out of money, time, safety, or dignity.

PLP uses methods of “deep organizing” — tactics that bring workers together to form strong and committed networks with each other. Our volunteers understand this is the most effective way to fight for fair treatment and build a better life at work and in their neighbourhood.

What we do

Quick Intake

Workers who are struggling with unfair pay, overwork, disrespect from managers, or unsafe conditions on the job can contact PLP and connect with skilled volunteer organizers. Workers can get initial advice and information — and a bit of coaching on the steps to building a strong, democratic voice for all workers at their job.

Full Training

Workers looking to organize and win improvements in their workplace can join a complete training on the methods of labour organizers — free of charge. We cover the fundamentals of how to plan a union drive, connect with co-workers, and approach management to succeed.

Drive Support

Beyond our training (or for workers already organizing) we can pair you with PLP organizers to support your union drive. That can mean research, solidarity, groundwork, or even helping connect you to a labour union that’s right for your workplace (and knowing what to expect from that relationship). Get in touch with us to learn more about support options.