We offer training to workers looking to organize and win improvements in their workplace, especially by forming a union with their co-workers. We know most of this content can be new to workers taking our training —since it’s every employer’s worst nightmare!— so no experience is required.

The training covers: 

  • organizing methods like “the structured conversation” and workplace influence mapping
  • practical information like the union certification process in different regions
  • common boss tactics to bust unionizing efforts, and how to overcome them
  • … and a lot of roleplaying to practice talking to workers and co-workers

Trainings are typically in 2-hour blocks, a couple of days a week, for 2-3 weeks. But we also try to be flexible in order to offer what’s possible to workers. That can mean shorter sessions, spread out over more weeks, with a floating schedule. Definitely fill in our form with any special requests. We’ll figure out how to accommodate your needs.